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Feb 15, 2015

What Is Happening at the Kump Center Property?

by Dr. Healther Biola, Kump Education Center Executive Director

Lisa Armstrong was preparing a report for the Elkins Historic Landmarks Commission this week and emailed me to ask if any preservation projects had been done at the historic Kump house in the last year.  She had listed the new driveway, but she wondered if any restoration had been done for the historic house in 2014.

Notice that the new driveway and parking area was our biggest project to date.  Without it we could not serve the public.  We had very little room to park cars, and drivers were not safe when they entered traffic on Randolph Avenue.  Now we have space for 15 cars near the house and can park many more cars in the pasture area above the new driveway.

We have J.F. Allen, City of Elkins workers, Fordland, Polino Contracting and Del. Bill Hartman’s Community Participation Grant to thank for our new parking lot and drive.

Last summer AmeriCorps members reinforced the old plaster in the living room using “Big Wally” products.  Then master craftsman, Brian Shourd, also known as “Buggs,” matched the old plaster to make the living room look as good as new just in time for our Forest Festival Exhibit.

This year we have a grant to correct the drainage problems in the basement, and we plan to restore water and sewer services in July.  We hope to have two functioning restrooms by the end of the summer, and we plan to put a new floor in the ground-level classroom where students can meet when they work in the community garden and wetland areas.

We are trying to make the building functional after 15 years without occupancy.  Very few utility upgrades have been made in house over the last 90 years, but now we have to meet current fire, electrical, plumbing, and heating codes that are required for all public buildings.  Also, public buildings must be handicapped accessible. 

Now our biggest projects are things that do not change the outside of the building much.  Nevertheless, we are making steady progress to restore this City-owned property without City funding to match grants and without putting the Kump Education Center in debt.

Thanks to the State Historic Preservation Office and generous donors, we completed a renovation plan in 2009, new roof in 2010, masonry repointing in 2011, and window restoration in 2012.  Thanks to the Daughters of the American Revolution [DAR] we rebuilt the porch supports to stabilize the east section of the roof in 2013.